The world-first programmable markup language

  • Easy to learn programming!

    Easy to learn programming!

    HVML is a programmable markup language with new structure, new principles, and new design patterns.

Simple design

HVML defines the complete set of instructions for operating an abstract stack-based virtual machine using only a dozen tags. Each line of code has clear semantics through verb tags, preposition attributes, and adverb attributes that conform to English expression habits. This will help developers write program code with excellent readability.


On the one hand, HVML provides methods for implementing functions by manipulating data.  On the other hand, the HVML language is committed to connecting different modules in the system through a unified data expression, rather than realizing the interoperation between modules through complex interface calls. These two methods can effectively avoid the interface explosion problem existing in traditional programming languages.

Inherent event-driven Mechanism

Inherent event-driven mechanism. Unlike other programming languages, the HVML language provides language-level mechanisms for observing data, events, and even observing changes in the result of an expression. On this basis, developers can easily implement concurrency or asynchronous programming that is difficult to manage in other programming languages without caring about the underlying implementation details.

Latest Blog Post

通过本教程,您可以快速了解 HVML 的基本原理和主要编程模式。
HVML is the acronym of Hybrid Virtual Markup Language.
我们开放了 HVML 相关的六大代码仓库,其中前五个代码仓库的总行数已超过一百万行。这标志着 HVML 1.0 的正式发布。
On May 16, 2022, the HVML official website was launched.
本文就给大家讲讲 HVML 的由来以及对它的未来的设想。

The original design goal of HVML is to allow developers who are familiar with C/C++, Python, or other programming languages to easily develop GUI applications by using Web front-end technologies (such as HTML/SVG, DOM and CSS), instead of using JavaScript programming language in a web browser or Node.js.

Although we have basically achieved the initial goal, there is still a lot of work to be done. It will be a long-term project, and it could not be achieved with a few people or companies. The initiators of HVML, Vincent Wei, decided to unite others to jointly develop HVML in an open source collaboration.

The members make up the Administrative Leadership structure for the HybridOS Project. They contribute time, money, and effort in order to consistently make the HybridOS technically progressive and financially stable.


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